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Industrial Gases

As the premier industrial gas supplier in and around the Louisville, Kentucky area, Welders Supply has the knowledge and experience vital to your industry. Welders Supply is fully stocked with a complete line of industrial grade gases. Our industrial gases are used for a wide range of commercial applications such as shielding gases for MIG and TIG welding applications.

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Specialty Gases

Our specialty gas laboratory uses high accuracy scales combined with state-of-the-art cylinder preparation techniques to ensure accurate and stable mixtures. Welders Supply is able to respond to customer demands for unusual gas products and mixtures.

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Laser Gases

Laser gases are used in laser applications that use an electric current discharged through a gas medium to produce a beam. Common Gas Lasers include helium, neon, argon, or carbon dioxide. The type of gas used can determine or influence the laser’s wavelength, efficiency, or power.

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Bulk Gases

As your volume needs change, Welders Supply has bulk gas solutions that deliver real customer value by working to improve your cost savings and productivity to effectively meet those needs. For many users the bulk liquid delivery system is the preferred source for liquid argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen.

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Welder Supply fills 20 to 100 pound portable cylinders at our propane fill plant, and 500 gallon and larger bulk tanks with our propane fleet truck. We can meet your propane demand, whether it’s for fueling your forklifts, heating purposes, or industrial applications.

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Food and Beverage Gases

We deliver food grade CO2 in cylinders that come in different volumes. This helps guarantee a superior final product since it is carbonated by a clean gas that, by preparation and analysis, does not have any taste or odor. Local microbreweries, restaurants, and taverns prefer the reliability and convenience of a local beverage gas supplier, like us.

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Balloon Helium

For those who like to DIY, you can rent a helium cylinder and balloon filling nozzle from us and fill your own balloons.

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