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Industrial Gases


Whether you are in the construction, fabrication or manufacturing industry, you can count on Welders Supply to get you the correct high quality gas for your industrial application.

As the premier industrial gas supplier in and around the Louisville, Kentucky area, Welders Supply has the knowledge and experience vital to your industry. Welders Supply is fully stocked with a complete line of industrial grade gases. Our industrial gases are used for a wide range of commercial applications such as shielding gases for MIG and TIG welding applications.

No matter if you are a hobbyist, a large corporation or anywhere in between, we’ll help you find the right gas for your specific application.

Common Industrial Gases We Supply:

Acetylene – Oxy-fuel welding, cutting, brazing, and heat treating

Argon/ Argon Mixes – Shielding gas for gas arc welding, annealing, alloy welding, and heat treating

Carbon Dioxide – Shielding gas for electric arc welding, carbonation, chilling, and freezing foods, respiratory stimulant, pH stabilization

Helium/ Helium Mixes – Aerospace system purging, electronics manufacturing, radiator and AC testing, cryogenic freezing, high heat conductivity welding

Hydrogen – Fuel cells, oil refining, heat treating, stainless steel welding

Nitrogen – Assist gas for laser cutting, blanketing agent to separate sensitive products and processes from air, enhances plasma cutting, purging agent in piping and equipment to prevent contamination

Oxygen – Assist gas for laser cutting, plasma cutting gas, oxy-fuel welding, cutting, and brazing, added in small quantities to some shielding gases

Propane – Heating purposes, fueling forklifts or other equipment, and oxy-fuel cutting and brazing

Propylene – Heating purposes, and oxy-fuel cutting and brazing.

Cylinder Types:

High-pressure cylinders – Often used with inert and oxidizing gases at high pressures in volumes from 10 to 400 cubic feet. We fill 6000 PSI cylinders.

Low-pressure cylinders – For flammable gases like acetylene and propane in volumes from 10 to 390 cubic feet.

Liquid cylinders – Used for liquid supply of inert gases like liquid argon, liquid nitrogen, or liquid oxygen used in welding applications.

Cylinder Banks – used to reduce cylinder changeover time for high-pressure cylinder applications.

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